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China Is Ready With New Import Tariffs

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China is Ready with new Import Tariffs on American Products. China will import duties for a total of 46 billion pounds of American products if the United States increases their levies on Chinese products.


The government in Beijing announced this Friday in response to previous threats by US President Donald Trump.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, these import duties are a reasonable step, and China is forced to strike back.

China is going to impose 25, 20, 10 or 5 percent rates on the new levies.

These include liquefied natural gas, specific aircraft models, semiconductors, beef and condoms.

The moment when the taxes are set, Beijing depends on the actions of Washington.

The report comes after a series of tweets from Trump.

He stated on a previously specified group of 153 billion pounds of Chinese products not to charge a rate of 10 percent, but of 25 percent.

The US and China have been in turmoil for some time now.

Trump complains that China is trading more products in the US than it is buying American products.

Moreover, Trump is not pleased that China does not open its market any further.

Also accuses China of forcing companies to share technologies with Chinese partners.

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