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“Completely Updated AirPods To Be Released Next Winter”

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“Completely Updated AirPods to be Released next Winter.” Apple would like to introduce two new models of its AirPods earplugs next winter, one of which will get a completely new design.


The generally well-informed Apple analyst reports it.

He expects the AirPods in the fourth quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020.

The updated AirPods are offered for a higher sales amount than Apple’s current wireless earplugs,

 which currently cost at least 159 pounds.

The second set of earplugs must resemble the current model and includes internal upgrades.

These are sold for the current suggested retail price.

It is not apparent what new functions the new AirPods caps will get.

According to earlier rumours, Apple is working on a modification with noise reduction.

More and more wireless earplugs
Apple recently released a new variant of its wireless earplugs,

 which can activate Siri with voice control.

A model with a unique cover can be specially charged.

More and more tech giants are launching their wireless earplugs.

Samsung introduced its Galaxy Buds earlier this year.

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