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Fans Through The Ribbon Because Of New Hairstyle Harry Styles

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Fans Through the Ribbon because of new hairstyle Harry Styles. The long strands of Harry Styles (25) are a thing of the past, but the singer’s new look is shorter than ever.


And the fans are not impressed.

The fans follow Harry closely, and they keep an eye on everything.

The same goes for his trip to Italy, where a fan’s father met him and immediately asked for an exclusive snapshot.

“I can’t believe my eyes,” the girl wrote with her dad and Harry’s photo.

It showed that the singer has completely cut off his locks and is wearing a completely different haircut these days.

The fans noticed that the new look is very similar to another One Direction singer, namely Louis Tomlinson.

They are generally accustomed to the fact that Harry’s curls and long strands grab attention,

 not this short haircut. It generated a lot of Twitter responses.

“What does he look like Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things.

Are you okay?” “I miss his long hair”, and.

“The person who cut his hair must be fired” are a few of the responses.

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