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Google Will Present An Overview Of Political Advertisements

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Google Will present an Overview of Political advertisements in the EU in April. Google will launch its political advertising library in the European Union in April.


That confirms a Google spokesperson on Wednesday.

In the online library, users can search which persons or organisations have purchased political advertisements,

 which target group they are targeting and how much has been paid for the ads.

With the library, Google meets the preferences of European policymakers for more transparency about political advertisements.

In August 2018, Google already came to the United States with a library for political ads.

Other major players are also operating on online overviews that should offer more transparency.

Twitter posted its searchable summary of political advertisements in the European Union online on 11 March.

Facebook has previously declared its political advertising library to be released at the end of March.

Brussels has urged significant tech companies to have their advertising libraries online at least before the European Parliament elections of May 2019.

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