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“Huawei Sells Folding Phone Mate X This Month”

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“Huawei Sells folding phone Mate X this Month.” Huawei would like to sell its folding phone in October. Only limited stock is expected from Mate X.


The Mate X was announced in February but has been postponed time after time. The Chinese tech giant would like to be sure that the phone is firm enough.

Competitor Samsung also delayed its Galaxy Fold folding device, after test specimens were found to break down at lightning speed. The phone has been on the market since September.

According to the reports, the Huawei Mate X is finally planned for a sale in October. The limited circulation would be due to the complexity of the telephone: it would be too difficult to produce a large quantity in a short time.

The screen of the Mate X folds out, so you have displays on the front and back. The phone comes with a case to protect it against possible damage.

New processor
Inside, the Kirin 980 processor that was mentioned in February is no longer on the inside, but a faster Kirin 990. Probably to keep it up-to-date after all the delay. Also, the phone can connect to 5G.

The limited-edition suggests that it is mainly sold in China. The West is becoming a difficult market for Huawei anyway due to the sanctions of the United States.

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