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Netflix Increases Audio Quality With Films And Series

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Netflix Increases audio Quality with Films and Series. Netflix has increased the overall audio quality for movies and series.


The sound is better if a better connection is available.

The streaming service speaks in a blog post about “studio-quality audio”.

The audio is still compressed to reduce the file size, but according to Netflix,

 the result is indistinguishable from the uncompressed sound.

Netflix always offered a consistent audio quality, which did not vary when internet speed decreased.

Video quality did reduce at lower speeds.

The sound of films and series is streamed with a bit rate of a maximum of 678 Kbit per second.

That is for programs that use Dolby Atmos audio.

With Dolby Digital, a maximum of 640 Kbit per second is used.

According to Netflix, the improved audio quality runs on most devices for which the streaming service is available.

The renewal would already be offered to subscribers.

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