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President Trump Increases Pressure On Iran

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President Trump increases Pressure on Iran with New Sanctions. Exactly one year after the United States withdrew from the Iran deal on May 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump is imposing new penalties on Iran.


The measures are aimed explicitly at the aluminium, steel, iron and copper sectors of the country.

“Today’s measures focus on Iranian sales of industrial metals  around 10 percent of Iranian exports,”

 the US president writes in a statement on Wednesday.

Countries that import Iranian metal are warned.

Trump warns that Iran can expect even more sanctions if the country “does not essentially change its behaviour”.

A year ago, the US withdrew from the Iran deal.

In that agreement, signed by Iran, the US, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany,

 Iran promises to allow inspections of its nuclear program.

In exchange, economic sanctions on the land were lifted.

The US stepped out of the deal because according to Trump,

 Iran did not adhere to the restrictions on nuclear weapons development.

After the withdrawal of the Americans, the other countries did stick to the agreement.

Iran is partially withdrawing
Earlier today, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared that Iran is partially withdrawing from the agreement.

The production of enhanced uranium will be increased if the remaining countries,

 in the deal fail to protect Iran against US penalties within sixty days.

Rouhani denies that the country is withdrawing from the agreement.

“These are actions that are in line with the agreement.”

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