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The Number Of Health Insurance Payers Declines Slightly

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The number of Health insurance Payers declines Slightly. Nearly 230,000 people aged 18 and over did not pay a health insurance premium for six months or more at the end of last year.


It is 1.7 percent of the payees. It has been a downward trend since the 2.2 percent non-paying in 2014.

“The falling trend among non-payers from 2015 matches with adapted legislation,

 allowing people to exit the default payment scheme faster,”

 according to the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

Men are more often defaulter than women, 2.1 percent against 1.3 percent.

“Of the people with a migrant background, 3.6 percent is more delinquent,

 compared with 1.1 percent of people with a Dutch background,” according to Statistics Netherlands.

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