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You Want To See This: Justin Bieber Has A Piercing Face

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You Want to see this: Justin Bieber has a Piercing Face. With his cool tattoos and different hairstyles, Justin Bieber (25) has long since shaken off that good boy image.


And now he has something new in his eyebrow and mouth.

To finish his fierce look, he does not stick to a mere eyebrow piercing.

The singer also immediately goes for a grill full of diamonds,

 well! Justin proudly shows the result on Instagram.

Not everyone is so enthusiastic about his transformation.

“Leave Hailey alone, and she deserves better than you,

 and she is so hot that you don’t deserve her,” someone responds.

Another writes: “someone is crazy” and another person wonders if we were still living in 2008.

Some followers do get it hot. “I like that you don’t use a photoshop filter to make it look nicer or better looking”, a fan responded.

There are also hundreds of positive comments.

Followers write how crazy they are about the singer.

It is not the first piercing for the Biebs.

Earlier, he had a nose pierced, but it has been out of the picture for a while.

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