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Amazon Files Appeal Against Union Formation

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E-commerce giant Amazon is appealing the union formation at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York. The company claims that the local office of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has not adhered to the rules.


Recently, workers at the warehouse in question voted to form a union in a vote set up by the Amazon Labor Union (ALU). The vote was won with 2,654 votes in favour of 2,131 votes. However, Amazon argues that the office that oversaw this vote did not follow the rules. Therefore, the company wants the vote to be held again, reports CNN, among others.

Amazon states, among other things, that the NLRB did not use the correct figures when calculating the support that the ALU had gathered to organize the vote. The office is also said to have delayed an investigation into alleged unfair practices. The e-commerce giant further states that the NLRB office did not well organize the vote. That would have led to hours of queues, which would have caused some Amazon employees to refrain from casting their votes.

Amazon has also criticized the ALU. For example, the union is alleged to have unlawfully intimidated Amazon employees and even threatened violence. Amazon said in a statement that it believes the process should be rerun so that a “fair and representative vote can be held.”

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