The Ukrainian army is still fighting in Bachmut, the eastern Ukrainian city that the Russians say they have ultimately captured. Kyiv’s deputy defence minister Hanna Maljar says Ukrainians still control a portion of the city’s southwestern edge. The Russians reported on Saturday that they had complete control of Bachmoet after […]

The tech giant would like to accelerate adding artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. But, for example, Google would fear losing lucrative deals with Samsung to Bing. The introduction of generative AI seems to be shaking the cards in the lucrative search bot market for the first time […]

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been released from intensive care after 12 days, but he must remain in the hospital for now, Ansa news agency reported on Sunday. The 86-year-old Italian was hospitalized earlier this month for a lung infection caused by chronic leukaemia, a condition that had […]

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