The tech giant would like to accelerate adding artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. But, for example, Google would fear losing lucrative deals with Samsung to Bing. The introduction of generative AI seems to be shaking the cards in the lucrative search bot market for the first time […]

Over a thousand people have signed an open letter calling for a pause in developing increasingly powerful artificial intelligence (AI). Tesla boss Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, among others, are concerned about the lack of guardrails in case AI systems disrupt society. Specifically, the signatories ask developers of […]

Apple has acquired WaveOne, a company that wants to provide better image compression with artificial intelligence. Apple does not formally confirm the acquisition, but Techcrunch found that WaveOne’s website has been offline since January. However, many former employees are active today in the company’s machine-learning groups. At the same time, […]

Two days after an announcement from Google, Microsoft also announced the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) based assistant to its office software. All parts of its Office package, including the word processor Word, spreadsheet program Excel, PowerPoint and e-mail program Outlook, will receive such an assistant based on the latest […]

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