Twitter will make its algorithm open-source by next week. At least that’s what Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, writes on the platform. In a tweet, the CEO suggests that he will make the algorithm by which Twitter recommends content to its users open source next week. Of course, given that […]

Yahoo is going to lay off more than 1,600 people, 20 percent of its workforce. Remarkably, it does so for strategic reasons, not financial problems. Yahoo plans to lay off 1,000 people this week and another 600 later this year. In total, approximately 8,500 people work for the company. The […]

American DataCore Software has acquired Object Matrix, a British specialist in object storage and media archiving. The company’s devices and cloud solutions will become part of DataCore’s Periphery portfolio. Object Matrix develops MatrixStore equipment on-premises, hybrid solutions and cloud storage solutions. The products enable broadcasters and service providers to manage […]

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