Google Falls on the Stock Market After Failed Bard Demo

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, lost $100 billion in value on Wall Street. This happened after a disappointing presentation of a new AI program called Bard.

Google’s announcements about its AI plans don’t seem to have the desired effect. Google has been one of the frontrunners in the development of artificial intelligence in recent years, but the company now has a competitor in ChatGPT from the organization OpenAI. It was released into the world a few weeks ago and convinced many people of its abilities.

Google’s answer to that ChatGPT is Bard, the company announced Wednesday. This is the new name for the language model LaMDA, which will soon be available to the public. AI should also improve Google’s search engine. But things went wrong in the first promotional videos for the bot. In a demonstration video on Twitter, Bard is asked to provide information about the James Webb Space Telescope, among other things.

According to the algorithm, it would have been the first to take pictures of planets outside our solar system. But, a wrong answer, astronomers were quick to report: that honour is due to the European Very Large Telescope in 2004.

All this ensures that Google’s announcements, which are very cautious for the time being, do not immediately appease investors. As a result, shares of the parent company, Alphabet, fell 7% on Wednesday.

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