Paying Twitter Users Can Now Create Tweets of 10,000 Characters

Twitter users with a Twitter Blue subscription, which offers additional features, can now compose tweets of up to 10,000 characters. Previously, the limit of paid accounts was 4,000 characters.

In addition, regular users have 280 punctuation marks at their disposal.

Paying users now also have the option to put text in bold or italics. Also new is that users can subscribe to a feature to offer subscriptions to their followers. This allows them to monetize any content offered on the platform, “from long text to hours of videos,” said Elon Musk.

According to the Twitter CEO, the microblogging site will not withhold any of that revenue for the next twelve months, and everything, apart from transaction costs, will go to the creator of the paid content.

Since Musk took over Twitter, the revenue generated from advertising on the social media platform has plummeted. Then, that revenue stream accounted for 80 percent of Twitter’s revenue, and now it’s 50 percent. However, Musk claimed earlier this week that almost all advertisers have returned to the platform.

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