Self-employed workers are not required by law to buy insurance in most cases, but they are wise to take at least some coverage out. There are scores of business insurance products on the market and not every self-employed person will need every one of them. But, depending on the work […]

Home insurance is made up of both contents insurance and buildings insurance. While contents insurance is not mandatory, buildings insurance is often a requirement by mortgage companies to protect the property. To start looking for an insurance provider, research and data-driven personal finance site NimbleFins has compiled a list of […]

Searching for a new or used car can be both frustrating and time-consuming. Autotrader is a large online advertiser of new and used vehicles that sellers and buyers frequently use to cut down the time spent advertising and searching for vehicles. Cars are listed nationwide from dealers and private sellers, […]

All architects need insurance. As architects work with members of the public and give professional advice, they are at risk of various types of liability claims being made against them. Insurance offers protection from these claims by paying for legal costs and compensation if they are found liable. Insurance experts […]

Small business insurance costs depend on so many factors that the amount one business pays can be drastically different from another business. It depends on what types of insurance a business needs and the risk profile of the business. There are over a dozen different types of business insurance. Some […]

There are a number of ways to purchase product liability insurance on its own. However, you might find it’s the most cost-effective to buy a combined public liability and product liability insurance policy. Many business insurance providers package product liabilities alongside public liability (and some even do it free of […]

Contents insurance for landlords in the UK pays for items damaged or destroyed inside the property. It only covers the landlord’s items and does not protect against the tenant’s personal possessions. Contents insurance does not come as standard for most landlord policies. But it can be advised if a property […]

There are many different coverages available to those in the joinery industry. What you require (joiner/builder public liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, tools cover, etc.) will naturally depend on you and your business. The foundation of any joinery insurance policy is public liability insurance. It’ll cover you and your business […]

Being in the scaffolding trade carries a higher risk than with many other businesses. Whether you operate a scaffolding company or work on a self-employed basis, you will need to have the correct insurance. According to NimbleFins, scaffolding insurance is quite expensive compared to business insurance for other trades. This […]

Tenants insurance is dedicated protection for people renting a property. There are two types of tenants insurance, and some opt for just one or both. Tenancy liability insurance safeguards against accidental damage to the landlord’s contents, while tenants contents insurance covers the tenant’s personal property should it be damaged or […]

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