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An investigation into Shocking Valentine’s Day Los Angeles Police Department

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Los Angeles has responded with horror to a Valentine’s Day card circulating among the local police force. On the card is a picture of George Floyd with the words “You take my breath away”. Floyd’s family has also been shocked.


Following a complaint from an agent within the force, an internal investigation has been started into the card’s origin. Los Angeles police chief Michel Moore said Saturday that it is under investigation responsible, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“Our investigation is designed to establish the correctness of the allegations while demonstrating our zero-tolerance for anything related to racist attitudes,” said Moore.

George Gascon, the Los Angeles County district attorney, also condemned the photo and said he would investigate whether there might be “biased police work” in any of his current cases.

The board of directors of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement that the union “rejects this disgusting image.” “Any agent who feels the need to be part of an online group that promotes or encourages this type of activity should quickly consider a career switch, as they are clearly not well suited to engage in law enforcement.”

Police Chief Moore assured that action would be taken if it was found that his force distributed the map. “Those responsible face my anger.” “

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