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Audi Will Stop Producing Combustion Engines in 2033

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Audi will stop producing cars with combustion engines in 2033. The German brand no longer puts engines that run on fossil fuels in new models seven years earlier.


They will all be electrically powered. However, only the models introduced before 2026 will still be available with a petrol or diesel engine.

In addition, the luxury brand of Volkswagen still has hand in hand. The exact moment at which Audi will stop using combustion engines also depends on demand. The car manufacturer expects that there could still be demand for cars with combustion engines in China after 2033 and does not rule out making these vehicles in the Asian country a little longer. Audi must be completely CO2 neutral by 2050 at the latest.

“With this planning, we are creating the necessary clarity for a powerful and decisive transition to the electric age,” said CEO Markus Duesmann. “We are sending out the signal that Audi is ready.”

Although the era of combustion engines is thus coming to an end, Audi is still developing the last generation of this power source. “Audi’s latest combustion engine will be the best we’ve ever made.”

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