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Barack Obama is Lashing Out Unusually Hard at Trump at the Convention

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Former US President Barack Obama has lashed out unusually hard at President Donald Trump in his speech to the Democratic convention.


According to Obama, Trump has abandoned the 170,000 Americans who died from the corona pandemic.

Obama also said Trump’s policies have cost millions of their jobs and are a threat to democracy at home and abroad. It is Obama’s most substantial criticism of his successor in Trump’s three and a half years in the White House.

“He has shown no interest in making any effort, no interest in finding compromises, no interest in using the tremendous power of his office to help anyone other than himself and his friends,” Obama said among others.

“Donald Trump hasn’t gotten better at his job because he can’t.” In doing so, the former president delivered much the same message as his wife Michelle, who addressed the convention earlier this week.

The former president also praised his former vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden, citing the loss of Biden’s wife and daughter in 1972, and the death of son Beau in 2015.

“Twelve years ago, when I searched went to a vice president, I didn’t know I would eventually find a brother Joe and I come from different places and generations.

But what I quickly came to appreciate is his resilience, which comes from too much struggle, and his empathy, which is emerged from too much grief. “

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