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Biden Calls on Georgia Residents to Vote for Senate

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US President-elect Joe Biden has called on Georgia residents to vote in three weeks’ time in crucial senatorial elections.


On January 5 a second round will be held there for the two senate seats that the state has to forgive.

Biden travelled to Atlanta on Tuesday to support the two Democratic Senate candidates. “The future of healthcare, the economy and the planet are all at stake.

We must win Georgia and turn the Senate over,” Biden said.

The two seats are now held by Donald Trump’s Republicans. They only need one senator to keep the majority in the Senate. Trump was already campaigning in Georgia recently. For the Democrats, a senate majority is crucial to getting Biden’s policies approved.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to insist that widespread election fraud has taken place in Georgia and other states, without providing evidence. Lawsuits about this have been dismissed, or he has lost.

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