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China Hit Hard by Heavy Rainfall: 15 Dead

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Floods in northern China have killed at least 15 people. Meanwhile, most of the coal mines in the affected region have been restarted. However, the heavy rain made rescue efforts more difficult.


In China, the northern provinces of Shanxi and Hebei are ravaged by heavy rainfall and flooding. In Shanxi, nearly 2 million residents have been hit by the storm, and 17,000 houses have collapsed. Sixty coal mines have also been flooded, which threatens to be disastrous for the energy supply in China.

The price of coal has risen to a record high. In Shanxi province, nearly 10 percent of mines have been closed due to flooding.

That Shanxi is hit by heavy rain is exceptional. It is normally a very dry region. However, in the past week, three times more rain has fallen than usual in October. As a result, several tributaries of the Yellow River have overflowed their banks.

In neighbouring Hebei province, a bus fell into a flooded river. According to state media, three people had died, and 11 of the 51 people on board were missing.

In total, more than 120,000 people have been rushed and relocated, and 17,000 houses have collapsed across Shanxi province, authorities told Xinhua news agency. In addition, four police officers were killed in a landslide.

In Shanxi, there are a number of ancient monuments that are in great danger due to the heavy rainfall.

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