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Corona Concerns in Beijing are Increasing, and Residents are Stocking Up on Groceries

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Beijing residents are increasingly concerned about the coronavirus. In the Chinese capital, groceries are being bought en masse, while the approximately 3.5 million residents of a large district have been told that they must be tested several times.


There is a fear among the population that Beijing, like Shanghai, will have to deal with a strict lockdown. In addition, authorities in Shanghai face difficulties in delivering fresh food to the millions of people sitting at home for weeks.

More and more corona infections are being detected in the capital. With 47 local infections since Friday, there are still considerably fewer cases than in Shanghai, where tens of thousands of positive test results are reported daily.

More than half of the infections in Beijing have been identified in the Chaoyang district. More than ten buildings are under lockdown. All other residents are being tested, and so are people who work in the area. The headquarters of multinationals and embassies are located in Chaoyang.

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