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EU: Trump’s Loss Makes No Difference to Us in Brexit Talks

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The imminent departure of Brexit advocate Donald Trump from the White House will not change the European Union’s position in negotiations with the British government on future EU-UK relations.


What Brussels wants from the British does not depend on who is president of the United States, says a spokesman for the European Commission.

The British, who have been an EU member state since 1 February, will still adhere to EU rules until the turn of the year.

In order to prevent mutual trade and traffic from becoming much more difficult afterwards, London and Brussels have been trying to reach fruitless agreements on this for a long time. The talks, under increasing time pressure, resumed in London on Monday and will “run all week” and “cover all topics”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hoped to make a trade agreement easier with US President Trump but usually sees his ally in Washington making way for Joe Biden in January.

He is very critical of Johnson’s Brexit policy. This could make Johnson’s position more precarious, and thus weaken him somewhat in negotiations with the EU.

What impact the American election results should have on the attitude of the British in the Brexit negotiations “is of course absolutely not up to us”, the committee spokesman said Monday morning.

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