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Fire Brigade Struggles With Major California Wildfire

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More than 1,300 firefighters are trying to control a major wildfire in California. Nearly 7,800 people have been evacuated.


The fire is called the Apple Fire and broke out near San Bernardino on Friday. Some 8,000 hectares of land have been destroyed since then. A lot of smoke accompanies the fire.

Authorities have deployed some 1,360 firefighters, firefighting planes and helicopters to control the fire, but the extinguishing work is complicated by the hot and dry weather and rough terrain.

According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, this is the first significant wildfire of this year in the southern state.

Evacuees are cared for in hotel rooms and a school in Beaumont. There the volunteers have received specialised training because of the corona pandemic, and everyone has to do social distancing.

It is still unclear when the evacuated residents can return to their home. The fire has not yet caused any casualties.

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