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From Now On You Can Repair Your iPhone Yourself, With Original Parts

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Apple is starting to offer repair parts, manuals and repair kits for modern iPhones and eventually Macs. Anyone handy can replace parts with the original parts.


Apple’s Self Service Repair was announced late last year and is now available in the US and expanding to Europe this year. At the Apple Self Service Repair Store, you can buy about two hundred parts, manuals, and tools to do that. Apple also lets you rent a repair kit for $49 for one week.

The repair option is not available for older devices. Still, those with an iPhone 12, 13 or SE (third generation) with a broken screen, a failing battery or other repairable defects can now repair the device themselves. Those who are not handy enough can still go to an authorized repairer, although Apple says consumers will now receive the same parts and information as those repairers.

Today, the offer is limited to recent iPhones, but in time new Macs (with Apple Silicon) will also be repairable in the same way.

Historically, iPhones have often been difficult for hobbyists to repair due to a lack of genuine parts, or Apple deliberately made it difficult. However, the fact that Apple is now turning the tide is not a charity. Both in the US and in Europe, there have been voices for years for the ‘right to repair’, the right to be able to repair your own device.

Apple wants to get rid of (stricter) legislation by offering this. Samsung also announced for the US last month that it will be easier to repair several popular (and more expensive) models itself.

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