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German Vaccination Commission Recommends Boosters for People Over 18

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The German vaccination committee STIKO advises all vaccinated adults to give an extra shot with the corona vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna.


The so-called booster shot is currently only available for the oldest residents of Germany and other risk groups.

According to the committee, the booster should ensure that vaccinated persons remain well protected against Covid-19 and help against the spread of the coronavirus. The number of infections in Germany has been increasing rapidly since October.

In Germany, 56.4 million people are fully vaccinated, equivalent to 67.8 percent of the entire population. Of this group, 4.8 million have already had a booster shot. The third dose is in principle administered at least six months after the second injection. In individual cases or if there is enough capacity, it can be decided to shorten the waiting time by one month.

The committee consists of experts who advise the authorities on vaccination use. The advice on the third shot has been forwarded to the German federal states and other specialists. After they have expressed their opinion, the recommendations can be adopted by the federal government.

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