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Japan Counts on Positive Tests for Olympic Athletes on Arrival

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Japan also expects the necessary positive results from the corona tests on arrival from the athletes who participate in the Olympic Games. According to Japanese Olympic Committee chairman Yasuhiro Yamashita, it is unlikely that everyone will test negative.


“Even if you’ve been vaccinated twice, that doesn’t guarantee you’re negative,” Yamashita said.

Anyone coming to Tokyo for the Games must be able to show two current, negative test results upon arrival. A new test for the coronavirus will follow at the airport. Recently, this resulted in two positive cases in the (small) delegation from Uganda.

“Whatever measures are in place, there will certainly be positive cases upon arrival,” Yamashita said. According to the former judoka, who won gold at the 1984 Games, it is essential at Japanese airports to check everyone entering the country carefully. “To ensure that no clusters of corona infections arrive, we must take thorough measures upon arrival.”

The athletes will be tested daily for the coronavirus during the Games. They are only allowed to enter the Olympic village and their training and sports locations. Entering the city is prohibited because Japan wants to limit contact between the athletes, officials and journalists on the one hand and its own population on the other.

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