Labour Leader: End Dependence on Cheap Labour

The United Kingdom’s dependence on cheap foreign labour must end. That is what Labor leader Kier Starmer said at a meeting of the large British employers’ organization Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

Several companies in the country have called on the government to relax labour migration rules to combat staff shortages in the United Kingdom.

The country has been very dependent on cheap labour from Eastern Europe, but since Brexit and the corona crisis, many of those people have returned to the European mainland. This has led to labour shortages in many sectors.

But Starmer argues that a Labor government will work with companies to make the UK economy less dependent on migrant workers. He is open to a points system to attract more highly skilled workers from abroad.

He also says that companies should invest more money in training, better working conditions and technology. “But low wages and cheap labour being part of the British way of growth is something that has to stop,” said Starmer.

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