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Rush on New UK Government Coronavirus Testing Site

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British people who wanted to register on a new government site to be tested for the coronavirus had to be quick on Friday.


After just two minutes, all five thousand available test kits were ordered.

The website, which was launched on Friday, is intended for people with crucial professions and their families, according to the BBC. They can sign up if someone in their household has symptoms that could indicate a coronavirus infection.

People can request a test kit through the site or make an appointment to be tested at a drive-in. 15,000 people have registered for this.

The British broadcaster reports that the website had to close after two hours due to the enormous demand.

The rush on the site shows that the demand for testing is high. The British government has been under fire for some time because critics say it does not test enough and has also promised to work on it.

Health Minister Matt Hancock wants 100,000 corona tests per day to be carried out by the end of the month, but that goal has not yet been achieved. The most recent figures show that fewer than 24,000 tests were performed on April 22.

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