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Sixth Woman Accuses New York Governor of Transgressive Behaviour

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Another woman has come out accusing Governor Andrew Cuomo of the US state of New York of transgressive behaviour. The governor allegedly touched her inappropriately at the end of last year.


It is now the sixth woman in a few weeks to accuse Cuomo of transgressive sexual behaviour.

According to the local Albany Times Union newspaper, the facts allegedly took place at the official residence of the governor in Albany. It concerns an employee whose identity has not been disclosed.

According to the newspaper, the woman would not have filed a complaint. Her allegations have been submitted to the Governor’s Legal Service and the New York State Attorney Letitia James’s offices. She is currently investigating the allegations.

Cuomo is not considering dismissal for the time being. “Let an investigation establish the facts. Then we’ll see,” the 63-year-old Democratic governor responded in a telephone press briefing following the publication of the new allegation.

Cuomo has run the state for ten years. His mandate expires in 2022.

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