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Tens of Millions of AstraZeneca Vaccines in Italy Plant

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A stock of 29 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine is in Italy, ready for export to the United Kingdom. These would include doses produced in Leiden, reports the Italian newspaper La Stampa.


According to the newspaper, the Italian authorities have run into stock at the Anagni factory following a European Commission report.

On Wednesday, he will present plans to restrict the export of corona vaccines if pharmaceuticals do not deliver on time. A mega stock in an Italian factory is extra sensitive in that light because AstraZeneca in the EU delivers less than agreed.

In the factory of Catalent Inc., vaccines are put in vials. The commission, the factory owner and the Italian authorities have not yet confirmed the message in La Stampa.

If it turns out to be nearly 30 million vaccines, that is a larger number than AstraZeneca has supplied to the EU so far.

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