Tips to Qualify for Free Windows and Doors

Whether you have old windows that require maintenance or having poor windows, there is a considerable need for new windows installation. Windows installation is crucial nowadays because it is the major part of your home construction that causes the heat loss and disturbs the in-house temperature concerning the season. With time, the efficiency of windows also decreases, which demands quick replacement.

The best alternative to these problems is double glazing windows & doors. When it comes to installing new windows and doors, you require paying a hefty amount that doesn’t fit in everyone’s pocket. As a solution, Help to Buy Windows Ltd has showcased a Grant scheme that helps limited people with 100% free windows and doors. However, not everyone can qualify for the H2B Windows Grant Scheme.


The tips given below will help you get this opportunity.

Know The Options Available with H2B:
There are multiple options available with the Help to Buy Windows. Before applying for funding, you must know the list of options available and the criteria to enrol in the list. It is an initiative to give back to the community. So, before getting into the list, you should know the available options and the criteria to apply for 100% funding.

Be in Need of Aid:
The Grant scheme offered by Help to Buy Windows Ltd is not available to everyone. This scheme is specially made for those who need financial aid and are not in the state to make a further investment for home renovation. As there is a limited amount of doors and windows, the number of qualified people will be less.

Who can Qualify for Windows Grant Scheme:
To qualify for this grant scheme, the applicant must have his/her property. You can either be self-employed or retired. Moreover, for single-parent homeowners, the funding will be offered if they are not receiving monetary support from their spouse.

In case parents have a disabled or ill child, this scheme can support them as well. The couples, who own their home and work, can apply for this scheme to get free windows and doors installation. Low income is another qualifying layer that can be considered to apply for the grant scheme. People with a full-time income below £10,000 can easily apply for the grant scheme.

Among all the cases mentioned above, the applicant may require to prove the circumstances. The qualified applicants will be called for some common questions related to the criteria and will be forwarded for 100% free windows and door installation.

Brief about Help2Buy Windows:
Help to Buy Windows Ltd is a non-government organisation that makes use of funding and uses it to help the community. This non-government funded program supports the people who need financial support but are not able to afford it. As it is a 100% free Grant scheme, there won’t be any selection option to choose the best windows and doors for your home. The motto of Help2Buy Windows is to lower your energy bills and support the green environment of the country.

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