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TSMC will Start with 2 Nanometer Chips in 2025

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TSMC, the largest chip manufacturer in the world, wants to start producing chips on a 2 nanometer process in 2025. It will therefore adopt the nanosheets technology for better performance.


The technology, which TSMC itself describes as N2, promises up to 15 percent more speed or 25 to 30 percent lower power consumption, depending on the configuration. It would also fit up to ten percent more transistors compared to the predecessor N3E.

For the production, TSMC is switching from a technique of finfets to a nanosheets architecture. This should also ensure better performance and lower power consumption. A year ago, IBM was the first to propose 2 nanometer chip technology, but then it was all about production in a test lab. Producing that on a large scale is a much bigger challenge.

Chip technology is put on a smaller production process every generation. This means that transistors can be placed closer together and require less current to be operated. Currently, for example, Apple’s M1 and M2 chips have a 5 nanometer process. The next generation of chips will go to 3 nanometers and then it will go to 2 nanometers.

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