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UK Fuel Shortages Could Last for Weeks

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The dire fuel shortages at many petrol stations in the UK could continue for weeks. According to the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), the British petrol station industry association (PRA), it will take even longer before the situation normalizes and petrol stations have sufficient supplies again.


Due to the shortage of truck drivers to deliver fuel to filling stations, the fuel is available at many locations or only to a very limited extent. As a result, many pumping stations are closed. At open stations, there are long lines of waiting motorists who want to buy fuel. There have already been clashes between motorists. Some people even fill water bottles with fuel.

According to the PRA, more than a quarter of the connected filling stations are still without petrol and diesel. The association represents the independent filling stations and accounts for two-thirds of almost 8400 filling stations in the country. At a fifth, there is a limited supply. It may take weeks before everything is back to normal, the organization thinks.

The British government has announced several measures to combat fuel shortages. For example, the army will help with supplies, and a reserve fleet of government tankers will be deployed. Civilians drive those tankers.

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