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WhatsApp Working on Option to Use Account on More Devices

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There are new indications that WhatsApp is working on the ability to use an account on different phones.


Original text in the beta version indicates that users could activate their account on up to four devices.

WhatsApp beta discovered the new option in the latest Android beta. In version, the menu option for WhatsApp Web has been replaced by “linked devices”.

Users who click through see a different screen than before. The menu to use WhatsApp Web has been changed to a more widescreen that allows users to “link a new device”.

It is striking that WhatsApp specifically mentions the Facebook Portal. Facebook has owned WhatsApp for a while.

For the time being, nothing is officially known about the feature. WhatsApp hasn’t said anything about it yet. So it is not clear how the new function should work.

Maybe that’s just like WhatsApp Web, where one device should be the primary device and pair with another device.

In this way, WhatsApp can guarantee that the end-to-end encryption (encryption) of the service continues to work.

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