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6 Things That Might Void Your Roof Warranty

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For every home/business owner, roof specialists play a significant role in providing quality roofing services that add life to your commercial/personal structure. Moreover, an Edinburgh flat roof specialist always provides you with a warranty against their work.

However, some homeowners do actions that are not recommended and ultimately void the warranty. With this, they can’t take roof repair warranty anymore.

So, what are those actions that you should never do and void your roof warranty?

Hiring Inexperienced Contractor: 

Whenever you hire a contractor, you should always inspect their working background and acknowledge their skills. Newbie and inexperienced contractors always prefer time-saving over quality. Hence they don’t follow complete guidelines and skip some installation practices. This ends up with unprepared or improper roof installation. When encountered in the future, you can’t make a warranty against your installation as you don’t prove the firm responsible for that fault. So, always choose legit and experienced roofing contractors.

Missing Proper Ventilation:

Proper ventilation is effective in removing warm air and maintaining the inside temperature cool. However, improper ventilation can cause overheating within the building. This ultimately affects your roof’s health and can cause premature failure. Damages due to improper ventilation will void your roof warranty.

Apply Insulation Foam Directly to Roof Sheathing:

If you have seen foam insulation spray right above the roof sheathing, you have a high possibility of voiding your warranty. This practice is against the local building codes, and hence, it isn’t considered to benefit the roof warranty (if required). This is another big reason that causes overheating (alongside no ventilation) and damages your roof quickly.

Repetitive Pressure Washing:

People mainly consider pressure washing to remove grime, debris, algae, and moss from the surface. This gives you instant results and removes them from your roof. However, with pressure washing, you can also void your warranty as it can damage your roof. The pressure washing can take off granules from your roof and start destroying the installation.

Installing Antennas & Dishes:

Nowadays, having an antenna and satellite dish is common in every house. However, you will be amazed to know that installing antennas or satellite dishes voids your roof’s warranty. Yes, installing any antennas require drilling on the roof that overrules the warranty instructions. However, not all roof contractors provide you same warranty. Hence before drilling and installing antennas or satellite dishes, always read the warranty closure carefully.

Adding Solar Panels: 

Using renewable energy is a new need, and numerous people are eagerly relying on it. However, installing solar panels on your roof requires the removal of shingles. Ultimately it dismisses your warranty, and you are left with no other option to pay for any repairs (in future).

So, these are the common mistakes that you should always avoid to continue your roof warranty. If you are unsure what can void your warranty, you should contact your roofing contractor or check the warranty instructions. To find the best contractor in your town, visit this page. In short, the more wisely you follow the instructions, the longer you can enjoy the roof warranty.

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