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Apple Has Released A Fix for Reinstallation Series On M1 Macs

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The introduction of new Macs based on Apple’s own M1 processor did not go smoothly. Several users’ computers went completely into trouble trying to reinstall macOS 11. Apple is now releasing a fix.


The problems could arise when users tried to reinstall the macOS 11 Big Sur operating system on their brand new MacBook or Mac mini with the M1 architecture.

The recently released update to macOS 11.01 seems to have fixed the bug, but for many users, the new version came too late.

Apple now provides text and explanations on its help pages on how affected users can get their machine running again.

The easiest method is to create a bootable installer from another Mac computer. If that fails, the user awaits a more technical process that takes 17 steps, but which is clearly explained on this site.

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