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Austria Ends Months-Long Lockdown for Unvaccinated People

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Austria will end the lockdown for people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 on Monday after more than two months. According to the government, this is possible now that the pressure on hospitals has eased.


The corona measure was introduced in mid-November. Since then, unvaccinated people have only been allowed to go out for shopping, sports, work or a visit to a doctor.

The lockdown came after a significant increase in the number of corona infections. The rest of the population also had to go into lockdown later, but only for a few weeks. Of the eligible people in Austria, one in five has not yet had any corona vaccination.

Due to the strict rules, the number of infections decreased. Still, partly due to the omikron variant of the coronavirus, there has been an increase again since the beginning of January. Austrian authorities believe the peak of the current wave of contamination will be sometime in the next two weeks.

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