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Barcelona is Again Under Lockdown Measures

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Theatres, cinemas, sports centres, swimming pools and discos are closing in the metropolis of Barcelona again to prevent a new spread of the dreaded coronavirus.


The Catalan government determined this on Friday. It is thereby significantly expanding the area where corona measures are once again in force in Catalonia.

There was already a district where they had been reintroduced, as in the region of the city of Lérida, 130 kilometres to the west.

The government is calling on the people of Barcelona to go out for the next 15 days only when necessary, such as doing errands or going to work.

It is also urged not to go to second homes out of town this weekend and not to gather in groups of more than ten people.

The lockdown is not strictly enforced, but cafes and restaurants are only allowed to use half their seating capacity and must close at 8 pm.

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