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South Korea Starts Investigating Sister of Kim Jong-un

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Prosecutors in South Korea have launched an investigation into the sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.


The reason was the destruction of the liaison office just across the border in North Korea last month.

A few days before the property was brought down, the sister, Kim Yo-jong, announced that the “useless” building would soon be “completely collapsed”.

A lawyer in Seoul filed a complaint that, according to him, the office was owned by South Korea, thus destroying South Korean property.

Lawyer Lee Kyung-jae argues, among other things, that the building was renovated with money from the South Korean government.

The sister of the North Korean leader, he said, used explosives to destroy the so-called diplomatic office “which represented a public interest.”

The investigation will undoubtedly provoke anger among the northern neighbours.

They were angry last month because South Korea saw no chance of stopping anti-Kim pamphlets pouring balloons over North Korea. The office was subsequently destroyed in anger.

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