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Ghislaine Maxwell Brought Forward in Hopes of Bail

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Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, suspected of being an accessory to the child abuse of her ex Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019), is being brought to trial. Besides not being guilty, she can also attempt to be released on bail.


Her lawyers want her to be released on a $ 5 million bail because of the danger of corona infection in New York City prison and the fact that she would never have tried to leave the country even though she has three passports.

Prosecutors argue that under no circumstances should she be released from prison because she is “extremely dangerous to escape”.

Maxwell is the youngest daughter of media magnate Robert Maxwell (1923-1991) and was a prominent socialite. She introduced Epstein to many leading figures, including presidents, artists, business magnates and British Prince Andrew, according to British media.

She disappeared entirely from the picture after Epstein was jailed again on 6 July last year for sex trafficking with children.

He died more than a month later in the same prison where Maxwell is. She is said to have moved dozens of times to the US before purchasing a secluded mansion in New Hampshire late last year under the name of a company. She was arrested there on July 2.

Maxwell disputes all charges. These stem from statements by people who say they were victims of Epstein and Maxwell in the years 1994 – 1997. Maxwell has been accused of seducing minors for sex, sex trafficking with children and perjury. She risks a very long prison sentence.

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