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Border Controls within the EU Lead to Sample Files

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Border controls within the European Union in the fight against the coronavirus have led to sample files.


There are reports that truckers, as well as families with children, have to wait 20 to 30 hours, especially at the German-Polish border. There are also long lines at the Austro-Hungarian border. The Red Cross warns against inhuman conditions.

Soldiers have been called in to give victims, food and drink and blankets on the border with Poland.

To address the massive traffic jam on the motorway near the border town of Görlitz, the Polish government has decided to open four other border crossings.

That should provide some relief. The queue in Görlitz, which was 60 kilometres long, gradually decreased on Wednesday afternoon. Hungary also decided to lift restrictions at the border temporarily.

Poland and Hungary, like several other European countries, closed the borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Polish border guards measure the temperature of every traveller.

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