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British McDonald’s Branches are Temporary Without Milkshakes

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McDonald’s is without milkshakes in all its UK branches due to supply problems. They have therefore been temporarily removed from the menu.


The fast-food chain also has no drinks that are normally supplied in bottles in the approximately 1250 restaurants in England, Scotland and Wales.

More retail and hospitality businesses in the UK have recently experienced supply chain disruptions. These are caused by the major shortage of drivers in the country since Brexit. There is also a shortage of personnel in the food processing industry. The British McDonald’s says it is working hard to solve the problem.

Due to the situation, chicken restaurant chain Nando’s was forced to close dozens of branches in the country last week temporarily. The chain pointed to the insufficient staff at suppliers and a lower number of truck drivers.

Also rival KFC warned that due to supply chain problems, sometimes not all products on the menu are in stock.

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