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British Wedding Events-A Complete Timeline

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Feeling nostalgic about the wonderful memories from the day she was born till the day she walks on the aisle, a daughter’s wedding ceremony perhaps could be one of the most memorable events for the mother of the bride.

Enjoying every event to maximum would leave some wonderful memories to reminisce in the future. Here are some events that are usually celebrated before the final wedding ceremony with special dressing recommendation.

Engagement party
This is usually celebrated a couple of months before the wedding ceremony. The groom places a ring on the bride’s third finger making it an official contract between the two that they would be getting married soon. The guests invited could be the close loved ones from each side. The best option to wear in an engagement party could be a nice party dress.

Closet London offers some of the finest party dresses to wear on your daughter’s engagement party. Its cherry Blossom pleated tulip dress could be a good choice to wear and look pretty.

Bridal Shower
The concept of bridal shower started back in the 16th century when close female friends and relatives carried out a get together to shower gifts for the bride. The gift included cash and household items to start marital life without any financial burden.

Although the concept may have changed as the time passed on, it is still celebrated today with joy. The bridesmaid usually arranges the bridal shower. A lace or sheath dress could be good apparel to wear on your daughter’s bridal shower. Macy’s offers some excellent clothing wardrobe for bridal shower dresses.

Bachelorette Party
Also known as a hag party or hen’s night, this is a party arranged for the bride by her friends. It is time for the friends of the bride to have some fun together before she gets hitched. The family members of the bride may not be a part of the Bachelorette party because it just includes the close female friends of the bride.

Rehearsal wedding dinner
This is kind of a wedding plan dinner that is usually arranged by the groom’s family. However, it may be decided if the expenses could be shared equally. It takes place a day or two before the main event.

The purpose of this rehearsal wedding dinner is to basically bring together the bride and groom’s family in a relaxed environment where they could discuss the overall plan for the big day. A lace dress or maxi (with or without floral design or chinoiserie) could be an eye-catching option.

Teri Jon has turned into a famous brand that offers many rehearsal wedding dinner dresses for the bride, mother of the bride and groom and other guests at affordable prices. Its Scuba dress with chiffon cape sleeves is a beautiful dress to wear that would make you look stunning.

Wedding ceremony
Finally comes the time for the main event that everyone has been waiting and preparing for. This is the day when the bride and groom finally get to begin their lives happily ever after. There are plenty of online as well as physical shops available offering some of the prettiest wedding dresses that could be worn by the bride as well as her mother and mother in-law-to-be.

 Ian Stuart, being on the top of the list, offers the best collection of bridal, mother of the bride, mother of the groom dresses. Its LE Jardin’s collection offers some of the most eye-catching ivory dresses that would make you look dazzling if you choose to wear it.

All in all, every event is an addition to the wonderful memories and a huge collection of good wishes for the new couple from loved ones.

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