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Brits Concerned About Lack of Progress in Talks With EU

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The United Kingdom is concerned that there is no progress in many areas in the negotiations with the European Union on the issue of Northern Ireland.


The British government announced this after a final round of talks with EU negotiators.

Since Brexit, ties between Ireland and the United Kingdom have soured. This is mainly due to passages in the divorce documents that deal with trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom.

“There is an urgent need for further discussions to make real progress, in particular, to avoid disruption to critical supplies of, for example, medicines,” the British government said in a statement following the negotiations on Wednesday. According to the British, there are also problems with food and pets’ movement of food and pets.

After the UK left the single European market early this year, controls and tariffs were introduced on some goods going from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland. This is because Northern Ireland does have a physical border with Ireland and, therefore, the EU. However, Johnson had promised that after Brexit, there would be no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and that trade between the province and the rest of the United Kingdom would continue unimpeded.

London previously decided unilaterally to postpone the introduction of controls on goods shipped from British soil to Northern Ireland until October 1. It was agreed that this would start on April 1. By extending the grace period, the British are violating agreements from the divorce agreement. The EU then announced legal action.

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