“Domestic violence is a problem that, in my view, is almost satanic.” Pope Francis said this on Sunday evening on the Italian channel TG5.   The reason is a report by the European Commission and the World Health Organization showing that domestic violence has increased since the start of the […]

Hans Kluge, Europe director of the World Health Organization (WHO), sees mandatory vaccination as “the last resort” in the fight against the corona pandemic.   At a press conference on Tuesday, he said that this could only be chosen if all other measures to increase the vaccination rate have had […]

Magdalena Andersson becomes Sweden’s first female Prime Minister. The parliament of the northern European country has cleared the way for her nomination.   Finance Minister Andersson received the support of 117 MPs in a confidence vote. 57 abstained, and 174 voted against. To torpedo her appointment, a majority of MPs […]

Germany will again offer free corona tests from Saturday. The cut in costs for citizens comes at a time when the country is grappling with ever-rising corona figures.   Health Minister Jens Spahn has also announced that doctors will receive higher reimbursements for taking corona vaccinations. On Thursday, more than […]

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