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Crucial Week for the US: More Than 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths Recorded

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It will be a crucial week for the United States. As expected, the death toll from the coronavirus has now risen above 10,000.


Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York says that the maximum capacity of health care in his state has been reached and wants to employ a Navy hospital ship. However, the number of new hospitalizations in New York seems to be decreasing.

The United States is by far the country with the most infections from the virus, and the number of deaths is also increasing rapidly. Today, as expected, the limit of 10,000 victims has been reached.

In total, there are now 10,250 people have died and according to our correspondent Björn Soenens the worst is yet to come.

The worst affected state is New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his daily press conference that the maximum capacity of what the state’s health sector can handle had been reached today.

He will ask President Donald Trump that the Navy hospital ship, USNS Comfort, which was sent to New York, should now also be used to care for corona patients. Until now, that ship was primarily intended to care for people suffering from other conditions, thus allowing New York hospitals to focus principally on corona patients.

However, there is also a small hope: Governor Cuomo said that the number of new hospital admissions seems to be stabilizing, which would not increase the pressure for the time being. Cuomo said that at least a plateau has been reached and that further growth would stagnate.

In any case, now is certainly not the time to reduce measures in New York, Cuomo said. He extends the strict standards in his state until April 29.

In concrete terms, this means that the schools remain closed, as do all non-essential shops and companies. People have to keep their distance from each other. Incidentally, the fines for not complying with those provisions will double to $ 1,000 per violation.

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