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Former US President Donald Trump Chooses Lawyer for the Impeachment Process

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Former US President Donald Trump has hired attorney Butch Bowers to defend him in the Senate’s upcoming impeachment trial.


A source says the former George W. Bush administration employee will assist Trump. Bowers has not yet responded.

The South Carolina attorney has assisted multiple Republican governors of the state and thus already worked under a Republican president. He must prevent Trump from being formally impeached after his time as president is already over.

Trump is the first president in American history against whom a second impeachment procedure has been initiated. The process is not only of ceremonial value. Trump could lose his presidential pension if convicted. He would also never again be allowed to hold a public position.

It is not yet known when the trial will begin in the Senate. That could happen as early as next week but depends on when the House of Representatives’ Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, officially brings the charges to the Senate.

Whether Trump will really be impeached is the question. 67 senators must vote for that. That means there are 17 Republicans to be convinced.

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