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Government Biden Not Happy With New Chinese Sanctions

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The Chinese decision to impose sanctions on top officials from Donald Trump’s tenure on the day of the US’s change of power is not well received by the new US administration Joe Biden.


On Wednesday, China took punitive action against 28 people, including “lying and cheating” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. China had accused China of suppressing the Uyghur’s Muslim minority. He called it genocide, to Beijing’s anger. That accused Pompeo and others of interfering in internal affairs.

The Chinese sanctions list also includes former national security adviser Robert O’Brien, his senior aide Matt Pottinger, former trade adviser Peter Navarro and former top adviser Steve Bannon. Those Americans no longer enter China.

Also, companies and institutions associated with them may face trade restrictions if they wish to do business with the Communist People’s Republic.

Biden’s National Security Council asked Democrats and Republicans to condemn China’s actions unanimously. “President Biden looks forward to working with leaders of both parties to enable America to win the competitive battle with China.”

The US and China have been at odds over all kinds of issues for years. Biden’s swearing-in was also attended by Taiwan’s envoy, an island nation that China sees as a renegade province. According to the Taiwanese State Department, it was the first time in decades that such a representative had been “formally invited” to swear in on a US president.

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