Gazprom Threatens to Stop Gas Supplies to Moldova

Russia has threatened Moldova, between Romania and Ukraine, with the interruption of gas supplies. That’s because the former Soviet state has failed to meet its payment obligations.

“Gazprom reserves all rights, including the right to suspend deliveries completely if payment obligations are not met by October 20,” the Russian state gas company said via messaging service Telegram.

Because the old debts have still not been paid off, Gazprom says it can turn off the gas tap anytime. At the beginning of this month, Gazprom has already reduced deliveries to Moldova. Instead of the ordered 8.06 million cubic meters per day, the Russians deliver only 5.7 million.

The conflict involves hundreds of millions of dollars. According to Gazprom, Moldova still owes $ 709 million for gas and fines. Moldova disputes the amount and insists on recalculation.

Gazprom and Moldova are arguing more often about gas bills, even before the Russian army invaded neighbouring Ukraine earlier this year. Last October, for example, an agreement was only reached at the last minute on last winter’s gas supply. At the beginning of this year, there was another conflict between the country and the gas company.

In Moldova, which has traditionally been very dependent on Russian gas and where a pro-European president came to power in 2020, threats from Gazprom are also seen as a kind of revenge by Russia.

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